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The average time the small or medium business owners waste between 60%-70% of their day are usually on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks. Our virtual team ensures that every time they are assigned with any task, even a second is tracked and is productive.

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In modern day, tons of companies have started working remotely. Being able to enable cutting edge solutions of technology, it gives them much better services in terms of cost-efficiency, and quicker and better deliveries. Also, the ability to experience global talent pools, easy scalability, non-stop operation and much for facilities. Especially for small and medium businesses, remote or virtual teams can solve multitude of problems and enable the growth of business very effectively.


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We care, we take a personalized approach to each of our clients, and our team is never more than a phone call or email away.

“Revirta is one of those operating unlocks that once you have it, you don’t know how you lived without it.”

Mark Wiggins

CEO & Co-founder
Vanessa Jackson

“I have had a great overall experience. I really like these team and I like how quick they resolve all issues.”

Vanessa Jackson

CEO & Co-founder

“Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I am very satisfied both regarding quality as keeping deadlines.”

Mathew Collins

CEO & Co-founder

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Our goal is to give personalized Virtual Business Support and to learn as much as possible about your needs and requirements. Some of the features you can expect from our Virtual Support Team are enlisted below.

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  • 36 hours per month
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  • 50 hours per month
  • 5 User Included
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